Banking some of the world’s top brands

See how top companies are using Green Dot to deliver custom banking experiences to their customers.


How the world’s largest rideshare company pays its driver-partners


Not all Uber driver-partners have bank accounts or can wait weeks for payday. And checks can be expensive—both for driver-partners and for Uber.


An Uber rewards debit card and electronic pay solution allowing driver-partners to cash out their earnings on-demand, no checks required.


How the leading FinTech Challenger delivers banking services to its brokerage clients


Stash saw customers were paying too much in fees. Why not build a better banking and investing experience?


A Stash debit account integrated in their mobile app that supports a full array of banking services- including direct deposit and stock-based rewards. The result? A bank account designed for investors.


How the nation’s top self-service tax preparer goes from a once a year experience to year-round delight


In the hyper-competitive tax preparation market, filers want their refunds faster than ever. How do you turn a once a year brand experience into something they engage with year round?


A TurboTax debit card and refund advance, integrated right into their app. Now, customers can get an advance before their refund is ready, and their refund arrives faster than a check to an account they can use all yearlong.

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