Law Enforcement

The Green Dot Corporation is a leading American financial technology and bank holding company. It is the world's largest prepaid debit card company. Green Dot is also a technology and payments platform company used by a number of corporations. Green Dot also has a Law Enforcement Liaison Team to collaborate with local, national and international law enforcement in apprehending and prosecuting criminals. We work hard to protect our customers and provide Corporate and Business Security, Fraud Teams and Law Enforcement, Support to ensure that we are handling cases, requests and issues appropriately and within a timely manner.

The Law Enforcement Liaison Team has a Compliance Guide that outlines how to submit a subpoena/warrant, what data is available for each product in the Green Dot offerings as well as checklists and required forms. Law Enforcement agencies seeking assistance and records for investigations relating to Green Dot Corp and its products, may contact the Law Enforcement Liaison Team for assistance. Corporate and Business Security and Fraud Teams seeking assistance may also contact the Law Enforcement Liaison Team.

The following resources are available:

By Mail:
Green Dot Corp 
LE Compliance 
P.O. Box 5100 
Pasadena, CA 91117 

By Email:

By Fax:
+1 866-963-6235

Law Enforcement:

If you are sending an email or fax including the following information:

  • Use your government email account- we only send the guide to verified Law Enforcement accounts
  • The subject line should be “LE Guide”
  • Include a name and contact number where you can be reached

Corporate or Business Security and Fraud Teams:

  • The subject line should be “In need of fraud assistance”
  • Include a name and contact number where you can be reached

Once your email or fax submission is received, you will be provided with further instructions on the next steps within 1 business day.