Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards FAQs

Fees and Limits

  • The table below shows the fees that apply only to Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard or Visa Cards. It does not apply to the Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit Card, cards sold on, cards sold by tax preparers or financial service centers (including OneMain), Green Dot Load & Go Prepaid Visa card, SEIU Prepaid Card, TaxSlayer Prepaid Visa Card or Green Dot cards sold in Puerto Rico. If you already have a card, your fees and terms may be different.

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    Purchase price in a store $1.95 or less
    Monthly charge $7.95. Waived in any billing cycle when you
    have loaded $1,000 or more in the previous
    monthly period
    Purchase price online No purchase fee online
    Reload at the Register fee $4.95 or less
    ATM fees $3.00 withdrawal and $0.50 balance inquiry,
    plus any fees ATM owner may charge
    Teller cash withdrawal fee $3.00
    Foreign transaction fee 3%
    Replacement card $5


    Other optional services, features or products like ordering paper checks or using mobile check deposit will require acceptance of applicable fees, terms and conditions

  • Yes. Your card is subject to the Monthly Charge as long as it is open.

  • Your Monthly Charge can be waived when you have loaded a total of $1,000 or more in the previous monthly period.

  • There is no maintenance fee for inactive cards. However, the first Monthly Charge will be assessed 90 days after the purchase date for any inactive cards that were purchased at retail but never used or registered.

  • Your first Monthly Charge will be deducted the first time you use the card or the day after you register the card, whichever happens first.

  • Yes. When a balance falls below $0, Green Dot will assess the Monthly Charge up to two times.

Making Purchases

  • Certain purchases (hotels, restaurants, car rentals, gas stations, etc.) require pre-authorization and may temporarily hold money from your card balance that could be greater than the actual purchase amount. Once the purchase is processed, the money will be released and your balance will be adjusted.
    Availability of the pre-authorized money can take up to 10 business days (up to 90 days for car rentals) to be released back into your card balance.

  • Many website and phone merchants will do what’s called a “dollar authorization.” This means that they check to see that your account is valid, but they only hold $1.00 until they ship the merchandise. Once your merchandise has shipped, the $1 is refunded and will disappear from your transaction history. Then, you will be charged for the full amount of your order.

  • Due to the way merchants process transactions, purchases may not post to your card for a few days. To make sure you have enough money for a purchase, merchants request approval for the purchase amount. This holds the money for them and is considered a “pending” purchase until the merchant actually collects the money from us which is when it becomes a “posted” purchase. You can review your pending and posted purchases on the Transaction History page

  • If you got your card at a store, you can register and use the temporary card inside the package to make purchases online or in-store everywhere Visa debit is accepted in the U.S.

    If you got your card online, you may use the temporary card number (that was provided during registration) to shop online or over the phone everywhere Visa debit is accepted in the U.S.

  • Your reloadable Green Dot debit card can be used as either a credit or debit transaction. Debit transactions will require a Personal Identification Number (PIN), so only choose this option if you already have a PIN set up.

  • The money was placed on hold to cover the cost of your purchase, but you were declined because the address you provided to the merchant does not match the address Green Dot has on file for your card. When this happens, it takes 10 business days for the money to be released back to your card.

  • It’s important to note that merchant names or locations for your transactions may not look familiar. Many merchants use their corporate or headquarters information instead of the particular store where you made the purchase. There may also be a delay in the posted date of the transaction. These are normal business practices. If the amount and date of the purchase are accurate, you may use that as your validation of the charge.

    In Case of Errors or Questions About Your Account: Telephone us at (866) 795-7597 or write us at Green Dot Customer Care, P.O. Box 5100, Pasadena, CA 91117 as soon as you can, if you think an error has occurred in your account.

    For debit card accounts, we must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the FIRST statement on which the error appeared. For prepaid card accounts, we must hear from you no later than 60 days after the earlier of the date you electronically access your account, if the error could be viewed in your electronic history, or the date we sent the FIRST written history on which the error appeared.

    1. Tell us your name and card number.
    2. Describe the error or the transfer you are unsure about and explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information.
    3. Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error.

    For debit card accounts and registered prepaid card accounts, we will investigate your complaint and will correct any error promptly. If we take more than 10 business days to do this, we will credit your account for the amount you think is in error, so that you will have the use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation.

  • You can use your card to make purchases everywhere Visa debit is accepted in the U.S.

  • While there could be other reasons, the purchase you made online might have been declined because the address you provided to the merchant is different than the address we have on file for your card. To update your address, call the number on the back of your card.

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